About us



Justice and knowledge base Swabolombee (Self-supporting) Society.




Mission of USS is to generate employment through knowledge and skills development, maximum utilization of local resources and information technology, development of sustainable people’s organization, environment friendly development, equal opportunity to women and men, and ensuring rights.




Develop people’s organization of rural disadvantaged women and to empower them to lead the processes of Swabolombee Gram.

  • Promotion of grassroots movement with spontaneous and active participation of the rural disadvantaged people for the compulsory primary education of their children .with a goal of combating illiteracy and to build “tomorrow” for the children.
  • Empowering people and alleviating poverty through Improved Access to Livelihood Informatio.
  • Promotion of social movement for the protection of rights of the children, disable, especially the disadvantaged, with their active participation.
  • To create income and employment opportunity of the poor and hard core people.
  • Promotion of community based health action approach to materialize the discourse of people’s health in people’s hand.
  • To increase the capacity of community people for reducing disaster risk and losses.
  • Conservation of environment and aware and capacity building of community to adapt with climate change impacts and aware people to organized social movement for safe environment.
  • To establish gender equity and equality at all level.
  • Support for sustainable livelihoods practices in the remote char areas.
  • Ensure the accountability and transparency of service providing organization for greeting better services.




  • Interactive participation of stakeholders
  • Transparency
  • Accountability
  • Ownership of marginal people and PWDs
  • Child friendly environment


Core Values




Creativity; and

Sensitivity on rights and environmental issues