Moyna’s Struggle

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untitled-png3Moyna’s (55) childhood was full of sufferings and sorrows. She never had a moment of happiness in her life. All she remembered from her childhood was extreme want of food, want of shelter and want of clothing. Her father married her at the age of 12 in 1965 with a day paid labor of Khalek mia of hatbari village. Moyna entered her husband house with the dreams and hopes of a young girl but all she saw was more want. After one year of marriage, she gave birth her first child and her homestead eroded by rives, and one after another, they were victim of river erosion in five times. Then she migrated to manikdar village with her husband and child and lived there 15 years. During this period she also birth five children. Again, they were victim of river erosion at manikdar and after losing everything’s they came back again at hatbari village of their own land, which raised as a new char but she knew that it has mentioned kash and has gone under to the management of other. She is staying her own land but lease from others.

Moyna then started to find out ways of standing on her own feet and unfortunately to become one of the people of our concern of LIFE project through the USS. This organization trained her beef fattening and encouraged her to be self reliant, which led her to dream of a happy life again. Through the asset transfer program, she received loan12500 taka with 4 percent service charge and purchased a bull. After six month rearing she sold it with 23000 taka and recovered the previous loan and again received loan and purchased a bull. Alongside these, she received poultry, vegetable seeds, saplings, information about a range of social issue such as dowry payments, hygiene, savings, human rights and disaster preparedness.

She started homestead gardening, poultry rearing and gradually financially solvent by selling eggs and vegetables. Moyna continue to reinvest some of the income from these activities to diversify her livelihood and improve living condition.

She has saved 10 taka every week with Joba Mohila Somittee and total savings is 2100 taka. Nowadays, she eats three meals a day with vegetable and egg.

Nowadays Moyna sees the ray of happiness and passing a prestigious position in her society. She needs not to go and stand in the queue for any relief. Her neighbors regard for her success and she is a bright example to others of becoming self- reliant because of her personality and hard work. Now she leads a happy life along with her children and dreams of going even further along the path to stability, security and happiness.

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