Sabita Progressed

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case1Udayan implements Livelihood Improvement For the Extreme poor (LIFE) project by the support of HEKS. Sabita is a member of Shimul women group at South Pipulia under Fulchari Union. She was supported both financially and technically. During the training on livestock she could realize that purchasing sound cattle is one of the important things of livestock.

So she decided to go to the cattle market (Hat) for a purchase. She went to market with her husband and bought a bull on October 5, 2010 for 12,500 taka, and began her life in livestock. On September 11, 2011 she sold that bull for 18,000 taka and bought another. After a few months she sold again that bull in July 31, 2012 for 22,000 taka. She earned 15,000 taka during the two rearing cycles. She could prove herself as a winner in life’s struggle.

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