Working Area

Quality Education, ICT & Human Resource Development
Udayan Swabolombee Sangstha is specialized NGO, providing training and lab practices on ICT and Human Resources Development. Saghata and FulchariUpazila are mostly disaster-prone areas in Gaibandha, Northern part of Bangladesh . The people of Dam &Char of this Upazilas children from extreme poor families have minimum access to education but due to insufficient knowledge and awareness; their parents not be able to provide higher education facilities. Basic community needs, Udayan is implementing English & ICT training including lab practices since many years. USS is currently got the approval from BTEB (Bangladesh Technical Education Board) to run the TVET training on ICT and Computer training course. USS is organizing training sessions in After School Club on English & ICT, under clubbing programme for the students of High School to eradicate the weaknesses of ICT and English. Udayan is contributing to develop skills to engaging the adult into job to eliminate the poverty. The Udayan is providing ICT related training through Udayan Technical Training Institute which is supporting the vision 2021 to the declaration of the Bangladesh Govt.

Udayan has established Udayan Girls High School in the year …., Udayan Women Degree College in the year…and Udayan Anondo Bhubon Primary School in the year…….. Udayan/ USS is implementing a long term project called “CEWG” (………………………) funded by CAMPE Bangladesh
to ensure the quality education of the primary school, through the advocacy activities. The key stakeholder of the project is education watch committees of various both formal and non-formal primary schools to increase the skills of SMC and teachers to deliver the quality education to pupils.


Livelihoods Improvement
Gaibandha is one of the poorest ad disaster prone districts in Bangladesh. River erosion, flashing flood, drought and cold spell, cyclone etc. are regular phenomena of Gaibandha district. Natural disaster have been increasing day by day due to Climate Change. Thousands hectors of cultivable lands are eradicated by the river every year due to river erosion. Crops are destroyed due to sudden flood. For those reasons the crop production is reducing day by day and unemployed rate is declined .Udayan is implementing various livelihood activities for their development which is toward the achievement of SD (Sustainable Development Goal).


Promotion of Gender Equality & Women’s Empowerment
Women is not yet empowered thought the education, awareness and earnings. Gender equality is not yet balancing or not yet reducing the inequality between men & women. Early marriage, women violence & sexual harassment are still persisting over the society. Still women are being neglected in varies aspects, so women and gender sensitivity are supplementary importance in development at present. Out of total population, 50% women are representing in our society; proper development would not be able to achieve without the women participation. Udayan has prioritized those issues and women’s empowerment is promoting in the light of gender sensitization as a crosscutting issue. Udayan is implementing various programs focusing on promoting gender equality and women’s empowerment by forming various community committees like- Gram Unnayan Parishad, Nari Kantho Federation, Nari Uddokta Dal, Community Health Circle, Sufia Kamal Fellow, Oporajita, Inforlady, Decrease discrimination in Gender, Leadership etc.


Good Governance & People Organization Development
Every Political Government is imposing more or less better policies to implement their program but they cannot ensure proper practice due to some limitations and carelessness; as a result ,the peoples are being dispossessed from their fundamental rights. Establishing good governance in every sector has been most important to ensure access to government services. Sustainable development is quite impossible without ensuring good governance at the local level. Establishing good governance in every sector has been most important to ensure access to government services. Udayan has established People Organization like Lokomorcha, Health Watch Committee, Education Watch Committee, Sufia Kamal Fellow, Form Social Entrepreneur Team, Health Services, Value Chain Group, Quality Primary Education, Protecting violence against women, Early Marriage protection, Getting good price against produces, Right to Information 2009 etc. Udayan believes that the gap between policies and their achievement can be possible to reduce by community agitation.


Health Improvement
Gaibandha is disadvantaged area of Bangladesh. Natural disaster and various social problems is the main obstacles for developing this area. 65-70 percent families are living under poverty line. They are not aware on personal and family health, health services. So that the people of this area are suffering by the various diseases.
Udayan Swabolombee Sangstha has established Shaghata Diabetic Samity with the support of European Union and technical support of Gono Unnayan Kendro & Prip Trust since 2010. The key aims are to develop quality health services for children and women, as well as local health service institutes, access to health services for the poor, increase right to get quality health services, capacity building of the govt. health service institutes, developing community health cleaning and health service system monitoring etc.


Disaster Preparedness & Management
Natural disaster have been increased due to Climate Change now this days. Peoples are getting vulnerable due to the impact of DRR and climate change. We can’t protect the disaster but can reduce the loss and quantity by the pre-preparation and management of DRR. It is possible to reduce the loss by the warn, awareness, preparation and management. Udayan is working on DRR. To improving Awareness , decreasing losses, pre-warning, campaigning for safe life of the poor of the disaster prone area. Beside those Udayan is working on rescue, relief at the time of disaster and post disaster.