Major Components

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USS Major Components

Livelihoods Improvement:

Gaibandha is one of the poorest and disaster prone districts in Bangladesh. River erosion, flashing flood, drought and cold spell, cyclone etc. are regular phenomena of Gaibandha district. Due to the environmental imbalance the crop production has been reducing periodically in the district and the general people usually become unemployed; so they leave their community for extra income to go beyond the Gaibandha District leaving own families and children.

Considered the above mentioned problems Udayan has been implementing various livelihood activities towards their development to achieve the SDG (Sustainable Development Goal) within 2030. So, to develop the community Udayan has been working with various donor agencies since last 4 decades. Still looking for support from different donor agencies towards livelihood development.

Women Empowerment

Udayan has been implementing various programs focusing on ensuring empowerment rights and women empowerment since last 40 years. Throughout the mentioned period Udayan has developed Gram Unnayan Parishad, NariKantho Federation, NariUddokta Dal, Community Health Circle, Sufia Kamal Fellow, Oporajita, Inforlady, in result of it has been decreasing gender discrimination and improving the leadership at the community level.

Good Governance and Development:

Udayan has been establishing good governance in every sector at its community. It’s very easy to say but very difficult to do. Anyway, it would like to develop the good governance in different stages of Bangladesh raising awareness of the people. Udayan has established many platforms within its project areas with the support of people organizations such a. ‘Lokomorcha’, b. ‘Health Watch Committee’, b. ‘Education Watch Committee’, c. ‘Sufia Kamal Fellow’, d. ‘Forum Social Entrepreneur Team’, e. ‘Health Services’, f. ‘Value Chain Group’, g. ‘Quality Primary Education’ all mechanism work for protecting the violence against women and children’.

Health Improvement:

Natural disaster and various social problems are the key obstacles of Bangladesh towards health services in the project areas, where most of the families lived under the poverty line yet, where Udayan has been developing ‘Shaghata Diabetic Samity’ (SDS) funded by ‘European Union’ with the technical support of Gono Unnayan Kendro (GUK) &Prip Trust since 2010 focused on a. develop & keep communication with the local health service institutes, b. access to health services for the poor, c. increase right to get quality health services, d. capacity building of the govt. health service institutes, e. developing community health cleaning and f. health service system monitoring etc.

Disaster Preparedness & Management:

Whole Gaibandha District of Bangladesh is a disaster-prone in Bangladesh. Udayan has been working since its establishment with its own and donors’ funds to support the community people when it is required. Having experienced working with different donor agencies like CARE Bangladesh, Oxfam Novib, MJF, ADAB, etc. towards reducing the risks disasters. Having experienced working with the Government of Bangladesh on relief & rehabilitation along with the national and international donors.